A person who is guided and supported by a wiser and more experienced or influential person.

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Everyone involved in The Protégé Movement believes talent, dedication and hard work are only part of becoming a leader in this industry. We know to navigate to the top you need one more element - Mentors. Our personal mentors are the keys to where we are today.  We are forever grateful for them and their gifts. Now it’s our time to give that gift back by taking on our own protégés.
The Protégé Movement is about connecting. Connecting with yourself as a performer. Connecting to a network of your peers. Connecting with a group of mentors who have a lot to teach and share with you. It’s about achieving dreams. Together.

At Protégé Movement events, we strive to create a safe space for dancers to dig deep within, discover the power of their body while responding to proper self care; all while exploring new possibilities and uncovering who they are as artists. Education in acting, health & nutrition, neuromuscular training, yoga, qi gong, composition & career goal setting are some of the classes that will be offered to compliment the extensive dance and improv training.

We strongly believe in developing artists as a whole… healthy bodies, informed & creative minds and authentic hearts. With this empowerment, we encourage our Protégés to dream big, own their gifts, pursue their passion with tenacity & resilience and know they are supported along the way.

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**Dancers will be hand selected to attend Protégé events by our mentors personally as well as by video submissions. There is a limited number of spots available.**

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